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outdoor workout

Heat It Up With This Outdoor Workout!

There’s only one month left this summer; make it count! Before the cold weather swoops in and leaves you day-dreaming about your sun-kissed tan, pack-up your bags and hit the outdoors as often as possible. Don’t worry about missing your daily neighborhood run or your favorite class at the gym. Heat things up with this water-side workout that will make you break a sweat. Besides, who says you can’t get your beach-body while you’re already at the beach?


Always remember to stretch prior to any workout! To warm-up, Jog lightly for 5 minutes on the boardwalk of the beach, in the parking lot, on the grass, or on any other flat surface.

Choose a spot that far away from others to set up for your workout. We suggest getting there early so that you can spend the rest of the day relaxing after your workout!

Set up two beach towels about 20 yards apart; this will be your territory!


1. Walking Lunges from one towel to the other

2. Plank Drags: On the way back, get into plank position and walk with your hands back to the original towel, dragging your feet on the floor

Repeat 3 times

Super Set

3. 10 Burpees

4. 10 Mountain Climbers

Repeat 3 times


5. Jump Squats (from one towel to the other)

6. Sprint back

Repeat 4 times

Tips: Since you’re outdoors make sure you lather on the sunscreen and STAY HYDRATED! Pack a cooler filled with water bottles, especially if you plan on staying outside for the whole day! Refuel post workout with a Pure Protein bar or shake that will fit perfectly in your cooler!

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